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March 29, 2013
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Tibumeru Application: Aziel by StrageMurcielago Tibumeru Application: Aziel by StrageMurcielago
My Tibumeru is based off a type of reef fish that changes gender. It's very common for these fish to do so, so I didn't see why my fish hybrid should miss out on the ability. Though, my tibumeru will go mainly by her female side.

[Edit! 9/22/2013] Aziel is a bit outdated-- new app coming soon!
Please refer to her ref sheet for corrected markings, tailfins, ear fins, and a view of the other side of her hair//part in where it covers her face.
This app pic is still valid via clothes design, that view of her hair, and colors. [/Edit]

Reference sheet for Aziel’s markings

:bulletblue:Basic Info~
Name: Aziel
Gender: Female
Appears: 25
Actual Age: 21

She's a calm fish, strategic if pushed into fighting.
She'll defend certain fish, as she doesnt eat many; mainly silver toned or small weak fish. It's possible that she may even defend other Tibumeru.
Aggression only takes place when she goes off to defend something, she has a "defender" trait, but like a shark, she'll bite and shred.
Away from fighting, Aziel is very adventurous. She loves to go on a journey. She also loves all types of water, and travels in search of many things.

Aziel, is a diver fish. She loves to venture off into territory that is unknown to discover whatever she can. Possibly out of her sheer curiousity.
She collects anything brightly colored, or anything round, like the orbs she wears as a necklace.
She's interested in things with color, nothing that is to bland or fish that aren't regularly colored. Strange oddities catch her attention, and so does peculiar coloring and markings. She prone to staring or analyzing the creature or person due to these markings and color combinations.

Aziel is very confused when it comes to certain aspects. She has a very selective memory which does her no good sometimes.
Being raised, she was brought up in a very "pirate like" surrounding. Her parents were against the humans, they thought of them as the cause of disappearances. Young little Aziel didn't see it as such. She was very interested in human civilization.

As a teen, Aziel's wrasse-reef fish genes caused her to swap to a male body. Making Aziel, Aviel.
Aviel had more of his parent's views and was more hesitant and cautious around humans, his father figure was very influential in that sense.. Never once did they attack him, neither did he attack them, but distance remained. He was attacked by others who ridiculed him and despised the multi gender-personality fish. Though when he gender swapped, he was only that one gender, not both.
As a male he was all male, as a female she was all female.

As of lately, Aviel returned to being Aziel. She was now lost, segregated from the group she was born in. Perhaps that is what she is searching for. She herself doesn't know.
To keep troubling memories at bay, she socializing with fish, not many tibumerus in fear of being ridiculed and attack for being a dominating wrasse Tibu.

Bad Habits/Specific Traits:
Bad Habits:
-Seems to stare a lot. Maybe plotting, or over analyzing.
-Day dreams sometimes but can be confused with playing with wild fish or sleeping with her eyes open.
-is rather blunt; it's worse when she is Aviel//male.
-Sometimes stays above shore longer than recommended, but never stayed long that decomposition took place.

Specific Traits:
-Gender swaps: Not often. When turning to a male, it occurs usually when the moon transitions from a full moon to new moon. When turning to a female, it usually occurs when the moon transitions from a new moon to a full moon.
-All the light blue hues on her glow; skin, eyes, lip, and fin areas. Drew Aviel beside her to show off the markings. (I didn't put a mature tag as I didnt draw any male parts) oxo
-Has quills that usualy spike up when angered.
-long gray tendrils sprout out of the tail, these contain current which is used as a defensive tactic.
-long grap tendrils that sprout out of her back are lures and usually dont serve much as a purpose other than attracting small fish to eat.

Legend: Has no opinion.

Theme Song:
The Devil Wears Prada - Louder than Thunder
Alesana – Vestige
Alesana - The Wanderer
Alesana - Cirlce VII: Sins of the Lion
Hope Dies Last - Unleash Hell
Of Mice and Men - This One's for you
Of Mice and Men - Second and Sebring.
(all played when I did my character's make up/species mixing) ouo

Aviel Traits//male:
-Shares the same bad habits, personality, hobbies.
-Likes to be dominate, where she doesn't have a reference when engaging with a partner.
-Both are cold, it's more prominent in him.
-Has a scar, hidden almost all of the time.

-Is technically neutral on the whole "war" situation.
-Sexuality: Bisexual
-Selective memory. When swapping she/he may forget things from when he/she was the opposite gender (something small like names.) Is slightly blank for several minutes to an hour after swapping.
-Is possesive/protective over her worn beads.
-Highly tactically. Rather think of something other than fighting.
-Has moments when they say something but then does something that goes against their words.
-From observing the one she is interacting with, she adapts to them; forming her actions and words around their behavior and actions.

-Now a Seafarer. Recruited by =Mailflower's Janik

-Gadara: Long, lost pirate lover from the past. Thinks he's dead.
-Dart: Adopted brother, loves him like a blood brother.
-Janik: Best gal friend, one of her crushes, and leader.
-Joaquin: Her best friend, lover, and mate. Slowly she’s opening up to him, she trusts him completely and will become overly jealous if you try to claim him as more than a friend.
-Fimochka: A close best friend; besides Quin Fifi is the only other person in which she is completely open with.

:bulletpurple: Stats~~
! Level: 28 ! (with 0% exp)
-HP: :bulletyellow: x8
-Attack: :bulletyellow: x7
-Defense: :bulletyellow: x9 (used 18 stars to make 9 defense points)
-Speed: :bulletyellow: x7
-Intelligence: :bulletyellow: x7

Weakest Stat: Intelligence
Strongest Stat: Defense

:bulletred: RP Method:
Preferred RP Style: Paragraph
Method of RP:
-Skype: RoseX013j
-dA Notes

Do you mind starting an RP: If I have to, then I would, but I think it's best my partner start off ;u;
What are you not comfortable with: Meh. I don't really know. Nothing at the moment.
Language: English
Extra: -none-

Original Tibumeru Sheet:
Gender switching explanation:…
Fish she is mainly based on:…
Small additions of other fish: The pufferfish:… , shark, jellyfish, and anglerfish.

Rp Style:

    The Raven haired girl stood before the man that save her. She looked into his eyes, focused, and kept the long silence that filed the Victorian room. "What will you do now? Will you leave knowing our secret here. Spread the word like many of your human comrades tried too?" She crossed her arms and took a step back from the brown haired man. She formed her sentences carefully, made them to install fear. "If you go with those intentions, He will send the death dealers after you will, not be me. It will be the ruler of this very cold kingdom." She turned to leave him to his thoughts. Slowly she turned the brass door knob and walked out in to the hall, saying her last words, "I'm the only thing that keeps you alive here. Other wise, these cannibal-like creatures roam the halls would attack you." With that, she shut the tall snow white door.

Aziel/Aviel (c) ~VampiricXsilenceX
Tibumeru (c) group founders/ =NotDamien
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ah hello again Taka'~ //casually waddles to and clings on

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