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A blast from the past by StrageMurcielago A blast from the past by StrageMurcielago
This is just a pre-lineart thing that I tend to do. I'm planning to do a complete coloring job with this one.

So, the gender-bending event is still going on, and I dont have enough extra time to do an app at the moment, just sketches and school work.

The male in the upper left is how Aziel would look like if she was a guy. (Aviel would be bulkier and stronger looking.) So that's my sketch for her in the whole gender bending event in Tibumeru.

The male in the lower right is a new Tibumeru. I plan to make a secondary character, and he would be it. He's all male, no gender swapping for him, unlike Aziel.
The new Tibumeru is Gadara. It means "from the mountain", but I guess he could be the tibu "from the underwater mountain".

Picture explanation now:
Basically, this would be something that has happened in the past. Since Aziel's memory is slightly selective and fuzzy, she still finds affectionate contact weird. On the other hand, Gadara was very open and accepting to Aziel's gender swapping, he did not judge nor did he push her away. You could say he loved her.
But as of currently in the Tibumeru time, Gadara along with the Tibumeru/pirate group Aziel was raised in is gone.
Who knows, maybe a reunion/new addition to the group in the future.

Aziel's regular app:[link]

Done in some red/burgandy pencil that had its own eraser :U
I'm still new to the whole "drawing full body" drawings, I'm sorry for the poor anatomy ;A;

Tibumeru/species (c) *NotDamien
Aziel/Aviel, Gadara, outift designs (c) ~VampiricXsilenceX
MJDAlleria Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
That's one very niiiiiice line art you got there!
StrageMurcielago Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much~! :>
MJDAlleria Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
You're welcome!
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